Interpretation is a key to highlighting the importance of heritage inventories, and Arches is the most powerful, dynamic heritage inventory system on earth. It’s the perfect 21st-century tool for the management and technical monitoring of the conservation of historic sites.

Arches + Interpretation

Arches is an open source platform developed under the auspices of the Getty Conservation Institute and the World Monuments Fund. It has enormous potential for interpretation too.

It’s been effectively used to document looting and the destruction of ancient sites in the Middle East. In fact that’s where it began. But what about its interpretation potential to explain as well as document everyday heritage?

The Interpretation Behind the Inventory

What about community activities on Main Street? What about active public outreach? What about sites linked to unique intangible heritage? Arches can also be the world’s most powerful interpretive as well as inventory tool. It can be a dynamic platform for communicating with your donors and supporters about the important work you do.

Arches makes it possible to access the inventory from any device. It can hold images, sound files, and videos. But in this time of shrinking budgets and bitter competition for grants, successful applications to public funding sources, and the generosity of private donors may hinge on the quality and vividness of your interpretation. It has to have impact. It must be more than a sorted list of site reports and pins on the map.

In 21st century heritage, compelling interpretation is the key to sustainable conservation.

In 21st century heritage practice, compelling interpretation is the key to sustainable conservation.

The Medium is not the Message

The CIDOC-CRM that comes with Arches isn’t really suited for creative interpretation. It’s standards-based, it’s highly structured, and it relates more to the details of the architectural or archaeological history of a site. There is no question about its importance as a global information standard for cultural heritage professionals. But it is a technical tool that records conservation data– and its official designations– rather than its human and community meaning.

Vivid, compelling interpretation is absolutely crucial to 21st century heritage. We can show you some secrets. We can help you unlock the public power of Arches as a promotional and educational tool linked to your organization’s social media and other online platforms.

Let Arches be your storyteller as well as your inventory manager!

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