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Inventory Software is Getting Even Better

An up-to-date, detailed inventory of heritage assets is every preservation organization’s most important tool. For monitoring, risk management, and raising public awareness, a state-of-the-art inventory system is essential, especially now at a time of budget tightening and increasing threats to built heritage.  Put bluntly, you can’t effectively protect and promote what you don’t know you have.

News came last week from Alison Dalgity, project manager of Arches at the Getty Conservation Institute about the upgrades and improvements planned for their powerful open source heritage inventory software later this year.

Arches Inventory + Interpretation

Arches is an open source heritage inventory platform developed under the auspices of the Getty Conservation Institute and the World Monuments Fund. It has enormous potential for interpretation too.

According to Alison, version 4 “will take Arches to a whole new level,” especially in its capacity to store data collected offline on mobile devices—and to upload it to the inventory when connectivity is reestablished.

Arches has already been a game-changer. It’s a powerful web-based tool that can be used simultaneously by multiple staff members to add, edit, and update entries directly from the field. Because of its responsive design, it’s accessible on any mobile device without special software—and allows multiple authorized users to upload and edit data, thereby maximizing results without adding or overtaxing staff time.

See what an Arches Inventory Can Do

There’s so much more to add about how Arches is the cutting-edge inventory tool that eliminates duplication of records in different media and ensures the security of your data (and images) in the cloud. We’ll be happy to offer a free online demo and show you how it can also be used as a powerful web-based interpretive tool.

Check out Arches on Demand for more details about its features and potential. And leave the technical tasks of installation, configuration, and hosting to us…



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